Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing 
Use case
Master Data Management
Business User

The client is a prominent manufacturer and distributor of electric motors and related products used across various industries, including hard drives, electrical appliances, automobiles, and commercial and manufacturing equipment.


The client managed a large volume of documents while updating the classification characteristics and properties associated with their DIRs. Their objective was to automate these updates across departments and implement dynamic response rules in order to streamline the process.


We provided the client with a comprehensive solution to address their document management challenges. Leveraging our expertise in developing data management platforms, we used DataLark to facilitate the mass update of DIRs. DataLark, known for its ability to migrate and integrate business-critical data on-premises and in the cloud, was customized to meet the client's specific requirements.

Project Goals

The goals set for the development project included

Updating and modifying document properties within the DIRs.
Implementing dynamic response rules for efficient classification updates.
Ensuring successful execution and validation of the mass update process.
Development Process
We approached the project in two stages: Update and Validation.
We developed a solution to update the properties and classification characteristics of the DIRs, incorporating flexible scripts within DataLark to achieve the desired results.
We implemented rigorous validation processes to ensure the success of the update, minimizing execution errors and addressing any data or communication issues that arose during the process.
The client achieved remarkable outcomes with the provided solution, including
Successful mass update of DIRs in their production environment.
Ability to process large batches of data, up to 300,000 DIRs simultaneously.
Minimal execution errors during the update process.
Enhanced efficiency in managing document classification and properties.
This successful collaboration with the client exemplifies our expertise, perseverance, and customer-centric approach, delivering exceptional results that met and exceeded the client's expectations.