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Finance Data: The True Value of Your Business

Financial data is essential for business management and decision-making. It provides companies with a comprehensive overview of their financial health. Along with this, it is a crucial part of accurate reporting that meets all regulatory requirements.

Financial data can be collected from traditional (business balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements) and alternative sources. But you won’t be able to leverage it for business if you don’t have a proper strategy for data management and integration.

Transactional Data Integration
Challenges You May Face

Data amount

Lack of financial data is a significant business issue, but its overload doesn’t provide any benefits either. When collecting all the available information, you can miss valuable insights from this data flow. The situation worsens when you use multiple channels to collect data without a proper management system.

Data delivery delays

For well-coordinated and efficient work of company departments, data should be collected and updated in real time. This approach ensures business flexibility and quick decision-making. Any delays associated with manual processes my lead to loss of profits and potential customers.

Security risks

Customer data, employee information, company financials, etc. — almost all the data you integrate is confidential. Data breaches will damage your reputation and leave your company vulnerable to the violation of data privacy and protection measures such as GDPR.

Poor data quality

Collecting and managing high-quality data is integral to innovative strategies and regulatory compliance and essential for better decision-making. Poor-quality data, on the contrary, leads to lost revenues and reputational damage.


How DataLark Addresses These Challenges

DataLark is a solution that provides an easy-to-use application to manage any of your data integration needs. It allows you to extract data from an XLS, any DB, or any other data source and then map it in the necessary format and structure.

The solution will establish continuous data exchange between your company’s departments, customers, and business partners. Forget about exchange and integration processes that take days or weeks. Now you only need a few hours to get all the required information.

With DataLark’s capabilities, you get complete control over all stages of data exchange and integration, and the solution's built-in functionality will ensure their security.

Spend More Time Interpreting Your Data Rather Than Preparing it

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Financial Data Integration Stages With DataLark

DataLark is a reliable tool for integrating a steady financial data flow. It extracts data from one or more databases and shares information bi-directionally with various sources. Key integration stages with DataLark include:

Data aggregation

Data replication

Data conversion

Data upload

Data transmission

Get the Most Out
of DataLark Capabilities

Data architecture design to govern how data is captured, integrated, stored, analyzed, and used

Data cleansing activities & data enrichment

Extraction from multiple sources and propagation to various destinations

Event- and rule-driven synchronous and asynchronous exchange

Control over business data exchange and integration processes

Full data governance

Feel the Benefit of DataLark by LeverX

DataLark has been designed and developed based on our deep expertise
and understanding of data integration processes.

Speed Up

The data exchange process takes hours, not days or weeks.


Now you can connect different subsystems (components) into a single system.


Predefined integration rules reduce process efforts and risks.


DataLark improves data quality by eliminating incorrect, incomplete, duplicated, and outdated information.


You get complete control over your data integration process that is executed according to predefined rules.


You can forget the manual processes of entering, collecting, and sharing data.


Our team can customize the product for your specific cases.


The solution extracts data from multiple sources and propagates it to various destinations.


With DataLark, you manage data in one click and improve its efficiency by up to 70%.

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