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Test Data Management:
Why Your Business Needs It

Test Data Management (TDM) is the practice of creating, maintaining, and controlling the data used in software testing. It ensures that testing environments have relevant and secure data, facilitating accurate and efficient testing processes. More recently, companies used TDM as a back office function. Now it is a crucial business factor that ensures enterprise flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness.

What role does TDM serve in this process? It helps you plan, design, control, and manage the software testing life cycle. TDM creates a non-production data set (test data) required for system testing.

The quality of this data is crucial: the higher the quality, the higher the guarantee of successful testing and the better the service or solution you bring to the market. TDM allows you to split data into test and production, optimize its size, and track errors in the testing process.


Test Data Management
Challenges You May Face

Slow production cloning process

Testing services and software with production data is not recommended; it can lead to problems and errors after launching your product. Before testing, data from production servers must be cloned. However, trying to clone all of the data can be an extremely time consuming process.

Unavailable and outdated test data

Your test data must be reliable, realistic, and up-to-date to ensure successful testing. But meeting these requirements is often challenging. Data amount influences availability, the more there is, the more difficult it is to get. Moreover, costly processes such as data masking and/or slicing may be delayed, and received data will not be as relevant as expected.

Costly data masking process

To secure data and avoid its breach while testing, you should mask it. But you can’t do this manually; as a rule, specific software is responsible for data masking. Aside from the cost of using a paid masking tool, there are other costs associated with employee training and the masking process itself.

Test data storage

Companies often create multiple test data copies of an overabundant amount that leads to inefficient use of data storage. To avoid this, you should coordinate test data availability across teams, applications, and release versions.


How DataLark Addresses Test Data Management Challenges

DataLark is an easy-to-use solution to manage any of your data needs. When testing, it extracts and transfers business data from your production system to the development and testing environment.

This solution helps you reduce your data amount, mask it, automate all the processes associated with test data management, and reduce the time to refresh data.

DataLark features

Automatic data provisioning

Subsetting technology to deploy smaller test data sets

Synthetic data generation

Tools to manage test data and create realistic, synthetic test data

Comprehensive masking techniques

Automatic provision of data integrity

Monitoring & reporting

Dashboards to monitor data requests, schedule them, track execution status, execution results, etc.

Enable Your Team to Become a Quality Champion

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Get the Most Out
of DataLark Capabilities

Data quality assurance & security

Data cleansing activities

Extraction from multiple sources

Rule-driven creation of test data

Data integrity provision

Creation of an easy-to-use testing environment

Constant, automated test data updates

Separate test data set for every test team

Data request monitoring & execution status tracking

Sync Your Test Data With
Any Data Sources

The number of production sources makes no difference to DataLark. Due to the provision of test data subsets with referential integrity from any number of production sources, it takes less time to get and prepare test data. The testing process becomes shorter while maintaining a higher quality.

DataLark provides a TDM functionality that extracts data in certain categories and associated with specific business objects (for example, customers) from appropriate production sources. If necessary, it synthesizes missing data, and then, DataLark masks it while transferring.

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DataLark has been designed and developed based on our deep expertise

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You find data samples to launch the testing process ten times faster.


With DataLark, you build test databases that correspond to your business processes.


Test data is generated following your specifications.


Due to DataLark capabilities, you can forget about additional data cloning tools, thus reducing testing costs.


You can scale the TDM solution according to your testing needs.


All your sensitive data is safe with DataLark.

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