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SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation ERP system that has replaced SAP ERP. It helps businesses transform crucial enterprise management processes, ranging from product development to supply chain management.

SAP S/4HANA migration implies the movement from an old SAP and non-SAP ERP system to the HANA platform, which can be hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid.
It is not a one-click action but a time-consuming process that requires expert assistance.

How Migration to S/4HANA Can Improve Your Business?

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SAP S/4HANA Migration Options

DataLark is a perfect solution for the Brownfield, Greenfield, and Bluefield approaches of migration to SAP S/4HANA.

System Conversion

Brownfield approach

System conversion is a complete technical conversion of an existing SAP ECC system to S/4HANA. This approach doesn’t require data extraction and transformation; instead, a technical migration happens in place of the current system as part of the conversion process. This approach makes practical sense for companies looking to preserve their existing business processes.

New Implementation

Greenfield approach

A brand-new, vanilla implementation of SAP S/4HANA, where configurations and customizations are added as needed. This approach provides a clean start that does not carry over legacy customizations and technical debt.

Selective Data Transition

Bluefield approach

Selective data transition is an umbrella term that refers to scenarios that go beyond the standard options of system conversion and new implementation. Selective migrations give enterprises a choice in which data and configurations to carry over. That level of flexibility is an opportunity for businesses to reassess the data, business processes, and customizations that they’ve had accumulating in the background for years.

Data Migration Challenges

Complex legacy IT landscape and change impact

The legacy landscape may encompass everything from old mainframes to homegrown databases, interconnected with complex interfaces and SAP systems. Documentation may be non-existent, and key staff may be close to retirement. It brings many challenges related to understanding the actual project scope and assessing the real impact of the migration to the new system.

Incomplete knowledge of the source data

Obsolete, missing, invalid, or inconsistent legacy data can result in poor source data quality and inefficient data management. It can cause ripple effects in the target SAP S/4HANA system and the downstream applications. A good understanding of the source data and data cleansing are the critical components of a successful Data Migration approach.

Poor data mapping

When source data comes from non-SAP systems, the data structure of the legacy source system differs from the target SAP S/4HANA system. The source data has to be correctly mapped to the target data structures. This process may also involve data transformation affecting hundreds of fields. Data mapping and transformation are considered the most difficult steps of the migration process.

Lack of testing and validation

Testing is essential at every stage of the migration process, but comprehensive testing often takes a backseat to other concerns. Skipping or delaying testing can allow incorrect data to be moved into the new system and lead to catastrophic business consequences. Just because a record is loaded doesn't mean it is correct.

Use of disparate migration tools and techniques

The migration process involves data selection, preparation, extraction, transformation, and uploading of appropriate data to the target system. To achieve good results, all these steps and involved technologies must be integrated into a holistic and integrated solution. Using disparate technologies can lead to data quality and integrity failure.

How DataLark
Can Help

DataLark is a LeverX software solution that provides an easy-to-use application for data migration and integration needs, both on-premise and in the cloud. It allows you to connect to any data source, extract data in any desirable format, transform it, and then map it to the target SAP or non-SAP system in the necessary format and structure.

  • Data migration
  • Data integration
  • Data consolidation
  • Data validation

Data migration

  • Migration (on-premise and cloud) from an existing SAP system to SAP S/4HANA
  • Migration from a legacy system to SAP
  • Merger & Acquisition Data Migration
  • Definition of data governance standards and policies to ensure data availability, integration, quality, security, proper usage, etc.

Data integration

  • Data architecture design to govern how data is captured, integrated, stored, analyzed, and used
  • Data cleansing activities & data enrichment
  • Extraction from multiple sources and propagation to various destinations
  • Event- and rule-driven synchronous and asynchronous exchange

Data consolidation

  • Data consolidation from disparate data sources with extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) processes
  • Enabling data consistency and quality across transactional and business intelligence systems with data profiling, data deduplication, and standardization
  • Transferring data from other systems to your SAP system

Data validation

  • Extensive logging capabilities
  • Simulation mode for additional data verification in the pre-production environment
  • Regular data quality assurance
  • Design and implementation of the BI and data analytics infrastructure and reporting to maximize data-driven decision-making

Streamline Your Data Migration With DataLark

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Feel the Benefit of DataLark by LeverX

DataLark has been designed and developed based on our deep expertise and understanding of data migration processes. Get the most out of this all-in-one tool to deliver your SAP S/4HANA migration project in the shortest time.

Speed Up

The data migration process can be shortened by up to 60%.


Time reduction for project implementation helps you save money and resources.


Predefined transformation rules reduce project efforts and risks.


Support for SAP and non-SAP data sources/targets streamlines data exchange between parties.


You get complete control over your data migration process that is executed according to predefined rules.


You can forget about manual re-entering data within several systems.


Saved pre-filled configurations can be reused over time for new data migration rounds.


Direct data transfer minimizes risks of data breaches.


With DataLark, you manage the data migration in one click and improve efficiency by up to 70%.

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Data Migration Stages With DataLark

DataLark allows you to map any fields from the target and source data objects, create any complex migration scenarios, and save them as projects. SAP S/4HANA migration with DataLark is an integrated and streamlined solution that accounts for all key steps of the migration process.

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